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All you need to know about Weddings (England Only)

With the recent update from Boris, our heads are spinning with confusion. Should we let ourselves feel excited about our plans or should we be cautious in case things change and our hearts break again! I thought it would help if I broke down England’s current exit road map to getting our lives back, but please be aware this is the best-case scenario and things could potentially change. If you are based or getting married in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales then be aware that these guidelines may not apply to you.

8th March

The first step towards allowing weddings again is just a small jump. From the 8th March, six guests will be permitted to attend a wedding. However, this is the ceremony only. If you are a bride and groom who are eager to tie the knot any way you can, then this could be your answer. Why not take your vows now and celebrate later on in the year with all your loved ones.

12th April

From the 12th April numbers rise again allowing 15 guests to attend a wedding, although this is unclear whether this will include the ceremony and reception. All guests, the officiant, and the photographer must wear face masks throughout the wedding ceremony. The couples can only remove their masks whilst saying their vows and for photos. Other than this, face coverings must be worn inside.

17th May

As we head into the wedding season, we are looking at where we were back in September 2020, where up to 30 guests were able to attend a wedding. This is for both the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Although these numbers are still limited, it could be a great opportunity to have a more intimate affair and allow yourself to spend more money on the floristry, decor, and entertainment!

The final hurdle!

I am hoping and praying that the 21st of June is when the final stage comes into play and we can begin enjoying every small detail of a wedding. Let’s hope we can let loose, dance, and celebrate! Imagine the joy that it will bring to be able to finally get together and be surrounded by your loved ones. You can share memories, sing, and dance to great music all night. It is still unclear whether couples and their guests will still be required to wear masks when further restrictions are lifted.

Please be aware that these are the earliest dates and Boris will monitor the progress and will be driving the roadmap inline with the data. Although with the number of individuals being vaccinated, we can only be hopeful for an incredible summer!

If anyone is looking for advice or someone to talk to, then please do not hesitate to message me. However, if you require legal advice then please contact the relevant experts.

Lauren xx

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