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Find your glow on HONEYMOON to Italy with LUCCIOLA

Ciao, I’m Rebecca, Founder of LUCCIOLA and proud partner of LBC Weddings & Events.

A partnership made in heaven…

It means you have a wedding planner AND certified travel consultant on hand, to take care of all travel logistics and luxuries for you and your guests to your beautiful wedding, plus a source of inspiration for the honeymoon of your dreams, in Italy or beyond.

Your honeymoon is the perfect time to spend uninterrupted time together, so why not start as you mean to go on, exploring, making memories? Learning about one another is like a journey: you have to see past the initial facade, see the good, bad and the ugly (because we all have them!) It is just like when you step into a new place: look around the corners, open the unfamiliar doors, and you will uncover the less obvious stories of the village, many breathtakingly beautiful.

Unveiling these lesser discovered, quieter corners of Italy is what LUCCIOLA does best. Feel the moment, you and your better half at one with the world, doing whatever it is you love.

Think outside the box…

Relaxing on the coast of Puglia, losing yourself in the undulating hills of Tuscany, walking the wine road in Veneto, maybe a yoga retreat in Umbria, or skiing in Piedmont... The opportunities are endless, but while you enjoy your holiday, is you being there positively impacting the surrounding community and environment?

The guidebooks’ favourites, typically Italian art cities, are becoming saturated by tourists, or have reached ‘at risk’ status like Venice, a well documented case in the press. Exploring alternative places or changing the approach to those incredibly iconic places will reduce contribution to this rising issue of overtourism, and also help even out the economic benefits of tourism across Italy.

Considering the local environment and Italian people does not have to compromise your pleasure. In fact, they can come at one with one another. By focusing on the hidden gems in spaces you can breathe, choosing small hotels, country houses and farm stays (agritourism), you will be warmly welcomed by locals, who will thus offer the best quality experience for you.

How about agritourism?

🏞️ This is a way you can support local families and enterprises, promote and learn about local culture, and relax into some of the most stunning rural landscapes.

🍷 You will enjoy the best quality food and wine, sourced on the estate or locally. If tranquility is what you're after, the capacity of guests at any one time is approximately 10-30% of the average hotel size more closely associated with mass tourism hotel / destinations. Each establishment is unique - we can choose the right option for you depending how much peace you're seeking.

🏡 You will be so warmly welcomed by the host during your stay on their vineyard / estate. They will know the best places to go in the area, and they will make the effort to get to know you, and your fellow guests, personally. These make for the most memorable moments and connections for life.

Thrive off the city buzz?

Make that city escape, but consider staying in a beautiful abode, hosted by those authentically Italian, in the side streets within walking distance of the action.

You help the community when you book with LUCCIOLA. How?

People are central to my passion for this business, that’s why LUCCIOLA supports locals and tourists alike, with sustainability and mental health. As we have not ignored the pandemic, we cannot ignore the mental health pandemic on the horizon as a result - that’s why a minimum of 10% of all commission from your travel bookings is donated to MIND, the mental health charity.

LUCCIOLA promotes my recommended way of seeing Italy, though there are no limits to the accommodation and destinations I can book, so I have exciting solutions for anyone looking to get away ASAP, or simply seeking inspiration for next year.

Whatever you decide, DO NOT make your honeymoon an afterthought - you deserve the world. It is a huge task getting married, planning the honeymoon, so delegate - that’s what Lauren and I are here for.

To enquire or book, check out, follow me on Instagram or email – I’m always here for a chat, business or otherwise.

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