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Fuelling and Refocusing in 2021

Today I sat down looking at a blank piece of paper to start writing my 2021/2022 business strategy and I was stuck. I remembered how I felt when I first started working on my business, excited and passionate about what was to come but after a hard start to the year I still feel a bit deflated. So I went back to the start and began to remember ‘my why’.

My Why

I began to think about exactly what made me start this new adventure and the ambition and light came back! The reason for starting my own business ultimately comes down to the word 'freedom'. Everyone has different reasoning for living their lives in a specific way and everyone has a different definition of freedom but I wanted to make my own path and create events that fulfilled me. For me freedom means waking up everyday and feeling empowered and enthusiastic about my career and life. I knew that weddings and events as well as travel were the three top things that would help me feel free and content. I want to be able to travel and plan beautiful, unforgettable events and weddings both in the UK and abroad. I wanted to take my life journey into my own hands instead of feeling like I was waiting for my life to begin!

After refuelling and refocusing and I am looking forward to working with clients who have the same visions, whether that is home or abroad I would love to work with you and guide you through the planning of your wedding or event. If you are interested in hearing more about my services please email me at or give me a call on 07842829525.

Lauren xx

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