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My Favourite Wedding Styles

This month's blog is going to break down some of my favourite wedding styles to design. I love to get my creative juices flowing and try new themes and ideas however, the below styles I just can’t stay away from - especially when it comes to scrolling endlessly through Pinterest. Hopefully, this blog will also help those lovely brides who are stuck on which style bests suits them and do not be afraid to mix in styles to create a personal look for you.

Rustic Luxe

A combination of both rustic and chic styles which is a little less country but not as elegant as a romantic style. You can play around with elements from both of these styles to add contrast and are allowed to have items that are mixed but I would recommend that they match. This style is perfect for brides and grooms that want to have a hands-on experience and love to create little bespoke details for their wedding day whilst still requiring a stylist and/or florist to build and expand their full design. I love the nature and outdoors element of a rustic style and like to pair this with neutral and darker colour palettes to create a relaxed, fun wedding with luxury modern aspects. You can really turn this style into your own.


Carefree Vibes

If you’re opting for a beach wedding then why not try to embody the carefree vibes that go hand in hand with a seaside holiday. Beach style is also a fun excuse to try out non-traditional details, like later ceremonies, tropical themes or even a no shoe reception! You could enjoy acoustic music on the beach, buffet-style cuisine and coconut cocktails to enjoy as the sun goes down! This to me sounds like a dream party bringing in laid-back elements to create a casual easy-going wedding that your guests will never forget.

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Bohemian Dreamer

Bohemian is the rustic style of the rustic-luxe above but the beauty of this is you can mix textures, colours and they do not always need to match. It is cool and playful and there are no rules! I love the bohemian style for the mix-matched bridesmaid's dresses, dried flowers and statement bouquets. The use of natural colours like beige, taupes and rustic oranges can be used to bring in hints of the boho style. If you feel you are ready to go fully into the theme then why not add elements like boho rugs, hessian touches or MR and MRS rattan chairs. Your options are endless so do lots of research as you have the flexibility to bring in all the elements to make your wedding a boho dream.


Minimalistic Foilage

Minimalistic foliage wedding style for me would be simple touches with lots of elegant features. It would be using lots of foliage with some fresh flowers to enhance your venue, this style works in all venues especially barns, country houses and tipis. I honestly feel you can not go wrong with this style. Many of my couples use this as their base and then add hints of light or pastel colours to bring in their chosen colour scheme. It is also brilliant for those with a tighter budget as you are not required to spend your budget on lots of flowers because for minimalistic foliage - less is 100% more.

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Lights, Candles and more

If you have been following me for a while then you will know how much I absolutely love candles, fairy lights and lanterns, again I honestly believe they can transform any venue to create a magical design for your wedding day. Although this is beautiful all year round, this is perfect for all my winter brides and you won’t be able to resist. There is nothing cosier than an aisle full of lanterns, a curtain of fairy lights or beautiful cylinder pillar candles as centrepieces. For winter weddings, that will have less light throughout the day, this will really brighten the room and lift the venue throughout dusk and going into the evening.


When it comes to styling I am ready to mix it up and create your perfect wedding. I absolutely love playing with colours, themes and new ideas so do not hesitate to get in touch today to discuss (in my opinion) the best part of your wedding planning.

Lauren xx

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