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My Top 5 Tips before confirming your dream wedding venue

1. Location, location location

First things first you need to decide on a location. Do you want to travel or keep things local? Are you thinking you want a rural wedding or a city break location? These are all questions you should ask yourself before beginning your search for your wedding venue.

2. Styles

If you are like many of my brides and have been dreaming about your wedding venue since you were a little girl then I can imagine you have an image in your mind about which style of venue and styling you are looking for. However, I would still suggest looking through venues in your chosen location and get an idea of what is out there. There are beautiful unique styles that you may have never thought about, there are light and airy venues, rustic and natural or even modern and traditional styles.

3. Budget

Before arranging to view your venues it is essential to estimate your venue budget. This is to save time and also ensure your heart isn't broken when you realise the venue you fell in love with is not within your price range. I would say dream big but also be realistic.

4. Visits

Visit your top 4 venues, whilst you are at your site visits make sure you ask lots and lots of questions, anything that pops into your head ask. This is the best time to get as much information as possible. Please write notes as you walk around and do not be afraid to ask someone to repeat themself or elaborate if you are not sure. Venues are very busy especially through peak season so utilise the planner whilst they are standing right in front of you.

5. Pro and Con List

I am an advocate for a pro and cons list, this always helps me break down my thoughts and weigh up options. This is why I always recommend my couples doing this after their site visits. It is important to do this the same day before your memory is tinted by all the good aspects of the venue. Once you have completed all your venue site visits you can go back to your list with a clear head.

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