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The Role of your Bride Tribe

Remember this is your day and you can have whoever you want by your side. It’s not always about who you have known the longest or who you are related to. It’s about who you trust to stand with you on such an important day of your life. Planning a wedding is exciting but also stressful at times so your bride tribe needs to be reliable and understanding of this.

"Friends bring happiness, my squad brings the wine!’

Bridesmaid Proposal

You can really get creative with your bridesmaid proposal these days, it’s the second most important proposal after your engagement!! There are so many personalised items you can gift your bride tribe when asking them to be your bridesmaid including make up bags, mirrors, balloons, prosecco glasses - the list is endless! You can also personalise cards where you can write a note about why you need them next to you on your wedding day.

Dress Shopping

One of my favourite moments between a bride and her tribe is the dress shopping. Whether this is for the brides’ gown or for the bridesmaid outfits, it’s such a fun and exciting moment for everyone involved. It is so important to listen to their opinions and thoughts, but also make sure you aren't pressured into feeling a different way. Although you may have a specific colour or style in place it is really important to think about everyone’s individual needs, as you don’t want your bridesmaid to feel uncomfortable on the day. This is why mix match dresses are so on trend to help you work with all different shapes and sizes. The most important thing when trying on dresses is to enjoy the process...take your time, visit different shops and have a laugh with your bridesmaids.

Hen Do

‘Let the Hen Do planning begin!’ The minds of your bride tribe’s immediately switch to the hen do and how they can plan the best night possible! Whether you want it to be a complete surprise or you give them a few hints, it is essential to have full trust in your girls.

I have partnered with the lovely Emily at @homebirdhens to support my couples with the second biggest event ….The Hen Do (don’t tell the groom). Home Bird Hens provide a bespoke UK Hen Weekend Booking Service. Their aim is to personalise all aspects of the weekend to make it that bit more memorable. They work with all types of venues in the UK including lodges, hotels, houses, tipis, and yurts. Having a Hen Weekend in the UK not only means keeping costs down and numbers up, but also gives you the freedom to travel the world from the doorstep. When you book with Home Bird Hens, they commit to ensuring you'll have everything you need for the weekend of your dreams, whether that be themed decorations or a champagne arrival. Whatever you need, they’ll do their best to provide.

On the day

It’s finally your wedding day and it’s time to get married with your bride tribe right by your side. The excitement grows as you get your makeup and hair done and you see your girls in their bridesmaid dresses. They will guide you into your dress and ease your nerves before you become a wife. These are the moments you will remember and cherish forever. If you do not require a wedding planner, you may ask your maid of honour or chief bridesmaid to have a quick sweep of the venue and speak with the venue manager to check that everything is in place and exactly how you want it. The final thing to do is dance, drink and enjoy the day with your husband, friends and family!

“True friends are the ones who know you but love you anyway.” - Edna Buchana

I hope this helps you when it comes down to choosing your bridesmaids and allocating roles throughout the process. I love sharing these moments with my brides and those who are closest to her!

Lauren xx

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