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2021 Colour Trends and Wedding Inspiration!

Here are a few of my favourite colour trends of 2021 that I am excited to experiment with!

Duck Blues and Pale Blues

The first trend I am starting with is duck and pale blues. When using these colours you can be open to all seasons and allow yourself to be creative with how you bring the tones together. They are elegant and subtle when paired with other pastel colours and give you a spring/summer feel to your palette. However, if you pair with darker tones of blues or purples incorporating berries or dried alternatives you can really turn them into a winter wedding colour theme.


Neutral colours are definitely here to stay in 2021, which I could not be happier with! The bohemian, earthy tones including ivory, dusty pinks, taupe's and beige's are so popular for both weddings and events. If you are going with a neutral look for your wedding, it is important to add depth by using different textures and materials to add a visual interest. You can achieve this by adding dried flowers, cheesecloth and decor. Alternatively, when using the neutral tones of beige, taupe and brown, you can add black as your accent colour or tie in dusty orange or a pale pink.

Bright Autumnal Orange

In Autumn 2020, we used lots of burnt oranges and muted tones, but in 2021 the brighter orange tones have become the new trend which adds a modern twist to your wedding day. It is a joyful colour that allows you to be very creative in a range of venues whether that’s home or abroad. You could compliment the bright oranges with either foliage or dried flowers, you really have the freedom to think outside of the traditional box.

Frost Green or Foliage?

This is one of my personal favourite 2021 trends, I have always loved very rustic weddings. I love using foliage and greenery throughout my designs so the idea of using greens as your statement colour excites me! The beauty of using foliage and greenery as your base is that it is a timeless style and not only looks great with whites and hints of golds, but you can add different colours from pinks, burnt oranges, purples or dark reds! You can really make it personal and unique to you. I am also loving the sage green bridesmaids dresses at the moment. They are so elegant and flattering to all body shapes.

A Winter Orchid Purple

Although, I am a summer girl at heart I can’t help but love the winter cosy colours and weddings trends! Bringing in a dark purple tone to compliment the whites and foliage, really adds a pop of colour to your palette. Dark colours like purple always look chic and fashionable but why not mix them in with the softer colours including lighter shades of purple or pinks. If you wanted to add more glamour to your event you could think about adding blacks or silvers. I feel many people are scared to play around with the dark colour tones, but they really are beautiful when done right!

A Pop of Sunshine!

One colour I am extremely happy to see making an appearance in 2021 is yellow. Now this for me, is not one of the colours that draws my attention whilst scrolling through Pinterest, but with mustard tones making an appearance for the last few years on the catwalk, it has opened my eyes to the beauty of yellows! I am looking forward to exploring these tones further by bringing them into the bohemian styled weddings and events. Yellow is definitely a good option if you are looking for something unique that's not been done too much before!

I am looking forward to hearing what colours you love and I can’t wait to work with you to design your weddings or events this year!

Lauren xx

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