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Top Tips for choosing your Wedding Planner and Package

If you have stumbled across this blog you are probably looking at why you would hire a wedding planner or how you can go about finding the right planner for you!

Many Brides and Grooms automatically think they can’t afford a wedding planner, only the big and extravagant weddings can afford one. Well that is where you are wrong. As a wedding planner, I am here to make the process as simple and fun as possible, to take away the stresses and keep you focused on what is important…

All of my packages are bespoke and created to fit the needs of all brides and grooms no matter what their budget!

· Their Personality

This for me is the most important thing when it comes to picking your wedding planner. You will be working alongside them for months, if not longer. They are going to be the person you call when you have an idea, if any problems arise and they will be honest when no one else is. During your first consultation you need to focus on how you get along with the wedding planner and the interest they have in you and your partner. You will be spending many months organising your big day and you want to enjoy every moment. You need to be able to agree and also respect the opinion of the planner.

The key to a successful wedding planner / couple relationship is…Trust.

· Services

From full planning, part event planning, to styling and on the day coordination. There is a service for you. Most companies and planners have a range of different services starting from styling and on the day coordination all the way to the part and full event management. You need to ensure that you are committing yourself to the correct package.

Clare Smith Photography
Clare Smith Photography

· Background and experience

Ask them questions not only about their job background but also life experiences. This will allow you to connect with them.

How did you get into wedding planning? What did you before planning? What is the biggest lesson you have learnt? What is your favourite wedding or event? What is your favourite style of event? What do you want to achieve?

Look for passion and excitement when they tell you about their past, present and future. You want to see the passion in their eyes when they talk about their job because that love and excitement will be reflected on your big day!

· Response time

You will get a good idea on this on the first contact you make with your planner, how quickly they respond and can organise a meeting with you.

Again, you will be working with your suppliers for months (if not years) and you want to ensure that they will be there to support and answer any questions as quickly as possible.

You may have to respect that over the weekend their response rate may be slower but ensure you have an understanding of their office hours and how they operate to ensure they fit into your lifestyle.

· Legal Requirements including insurance and contracts

All the important small print…

Ensuring that the company have all the correct insurance and policies in place. Make sure that you have read your contract fully and have asked any questions you may have (no question is too silly when it comes to agreeing a contract). If you are not happy about a clause then voice those concerns before signing and agreeing to their services.

If you are interested in hearing more about me and my packages, please email me at or dm me on Instagram @lbcweddingsandevents

Lauren xx

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