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How to Create an Unforgettable New Years Eve in 2020

Everyone has had to adapt in many ways during 2020 including sharing memories with loved one over zoom instead of having face to face interaction. The uncertainty of New Years Eve is on everyone's minds and as it draws closer many areas in the UK are going to be unlikely to celebrate the way they have in previous years. However, this does not mean that you have to sit in and do nothing. In this blog I will be exploring alternative virtual New Years Eve celebrations.

Murder Mystery

There are so many amazing murder mystery games out there that you can now play virtually. This is a great idea to get into character, get dressed up and test your detective skills. You can also break up the interrogation with a meal including a starter, main and dessert all based on the murder mystery story.

Quiz Nights

Summer of 2020 virtual quiz nights were a weekly occurrence but why not bring it back for one night only. If everyone chooses a subject and tries to think outside of the box with their rounds this will lead to an exciting and enjoyable quiz for your friends. An example of these rounds could be; match the embarrassing story with the person or who said this. Try and make your night personal and unique to your friendship group or family instead of sticking with the general knowledge questions. You can use platforms such as Kahoot to ensure there is no cheating!!

Cocktail Party

You can all purchase a cocktail set from a cocktail company - my recommendation would be The Occasion Bar company who are currently running offers to deliver unique NYE cocktail boxes including all the equipment and ingredients for your chosen cocktail. Although you aren’t able to all cheers to 2021, this is a close alternative!

Movie Night

Now this is not your typical NYE celebration but it is great for couples or families that are looking to say goodbye to 2020 in style. This could be a 'do it yourself' set up by turning your front room into a Pyjama party with a sweets and popcorn station, a photo booth area, music and a list of movie selections. Alternatively, you can rent a projector, hire an outside igloo and completely transform your garden into a cosy winters immersive movie room.

One of the most important lessons of 2020, is that we should take a little more time to appreciate our loved ones and make the most out of every opportunity. Even if you aren’t able to physically see them make sure you show your love and plan a fun virtual party!

Happy New Year!

Lauren xx

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