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My Priorities and Brand Values

Morning! I hope you are well and welcome to my blog! I am Lauren, the owner of LBC Weddings and Events and a UK and destination wedding and event planner and stylist currently based in Hertfordshire. Today I am going to be going through a few of my brand values which I implement when working with clients to plan their special moments.

Real Relationships

One of my top priorities when it comes to working with clients starts from our initial consultation and it comes down to our friendship. As a wedding planner, I spend hours with my clients and years planning their wedding, so ensuring we have a real relationship allows me to support them in an efficient way. I approach every new client with an open mind as everyone is different and every client needs to be supported in a unique way. Along with a good relationship, comes respect, honesty and pure laughter. Planning a wedding isn’t easy, but I am here to support you, cry with you and enjoy and laugh through every moment!


Trust is a two-way street and one that is essential when working with a wedding planner. I am here to advise and assist you by giving my truthful opinion and using my expertise to guide you through. If you do not have any trust in me, the process will become challenging. Throughout the planning process but more importantly, on the day, I will become your eyes, ears, and voice. I will be there to see problems or challenges before they arise and try and prevent them where I can. I will ensure I am available for your guests, to answer any questions so you to focus on what is important, celebrating your marriage. I will speak up for you and your wedding desires whilst you are busy enjoying yourselves! My job is to provide you with a stress-free planning process and to do that, it is essential for us to build trust in our relationship.

Attention to detail

One of my focuses when planning a wedding or event is ensuring that we not only focus on the bigger elements of your day but also the important finer details. These features really bring together the day and can pull together your theme. I want to ensure that you are your authentic selves and that this is shown the whole way through your special day, using intimate moments to remind all guests as to why and who they are here to celebrate! The attention to detail flows from the invites to the stationery, from the venue to the catering options, from the decor to the wedding favours. I am here to implement the details that will stick with you forever.

Fun and Authentic

As we are likely to be working with each other for at least 6 months (or could be up to 2 years) so it is important to me that all my couples experience a fun, relaxed experience! Wedding planning isn’t the easiest process but with laughter and fun, things are made a little easier. I love planning and working with clients who are looking for a fun laid back wedding experience and when we click, everything falls into place. I want to ensure that my clients receive an experience that not only matches their lifestyles but is all they have ever wished for.


One of my key brand values is to build a community around trust and honesty within the industry. I work with some of the top suppliers in the UK to provide my couples with the best experience possible. My black book of suppliers is full of talented industry experts who I not only have worked with but who I love to work with. I could not possibly do my job without these people and I love having the community to support and uplift me through the ups and downs of being a wedding planner!

I hope that breaking down my brand values will allow you to feel more connected to me as a planner. If these resonate with you and this is what you are looking for in your wedding planner, then please do get in touch. I will be following up on this blog with my personal values in the upcoming weeks so register if you are interested in receiving blog notifications!

Thank you,

Lauren xx

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