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LBC Weddings Top Autumnal Wedding Styles

Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year, striking colours and cosy nights in, what is there not to love? From September to November can be a very popular time to get married, due to not only the beautiful season change but the tame weather. In the fall the days get a little shorter and a little cooler and the evenings are there to get cosy. If you choose to marry in the autumn there are many styles that offer themselves naturally, I am here to list a few for you today.


For the light-hearted couple looking for an organic autumnal vibe, the bohemian style is an obvious choice. Rustic tones, eclectic rugs and macramé. Radiating fall energy through and through. Bohemian weddings are for the free-spirited, light-hearted couple that are not worried about the glitz and glam and want something more natural with a hippie vibe. Boho is known for its neutral and earthy colour palettes, emphasising the natural beauty of the couple and their love.

Photo Credits: Alineapict

Jewel Tones

Some people overlook the endless possibilities that autumn brings to the wedding industry. When deciding on a colour palette, it can be easy to fall into the obvious choices. Burnt oranges, terracotta and taupe are stunning of course but what about something a little different? violet, emerald and plum are a perfect contrast to the changing seasons. Autumn offers a wide variety of colours for you to play with so why play it safe?

Seasonal Sensation

Why not lean into the season's inspirations? Seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers and colour palettes, not only will this leave a lasting impression but it will keep your budget down. Seasonal means accessible and affordable. A lot of couples think they are limited with their florist when it gets to the colder seasons but really it’s quite the opposite. Florists tend to lean towards seasonal bouquets because they are a more sustainable option and it gives them the ability to be more creative with their work. During these months foliage and berries are all the rage for bridal bouquets. Comfort food is also becoming more popular during this time, butternut squash, braised pork and berry crumbles not only for warming the tummy but warming the heart.

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Woodland weddings aren’t only reserved for the summer months, what is better than getting married between the fluffy greens? Getting married between the beautiful orange and red leaves! The woodland provides shelter from the unforgiving English weather as well as providing a picturesque backdrop for your photos. Woodland areas offer their own sense of tranquillity and connection to nature, if you are an outdoorsy couple then this theme is probably perfect for you. Candlelight and open fires to warm your guests as well as an organic colour palette to pull your “venue” and your day together.

Photo Credits: Rebecca Goddard

Let’s Get Cosy

The best thing about the change in seasons is its time to get cosy. Hot chocolate, warm kisses and fluffy blankets. Why not get cosy and comfy on your wedding day? A rich terracotta colour palette can be used to instil warmth and comfort into your day. As the weather changes it is time to pull out your faux fur and knitted cardigans to accessorize your outfit, why not invest in a personalised jacket or throw for your special day? Last but not least, why not think about giving out some cosy wedding favour, blankets or pumpkin spice candles are a perfect way to give your guests a gift that will last them through the fall.

Gothic Romance

October is the spookiest month and brings out the best setting for any alternative couple looking for a little gothic romance. The nights are getting darker earlier which compliments the dark and moody vibe that comes with an alternative wedding. Eclectic plush furniture and a deep colour palette give you as the groom/bride a brilliant contrasting moment to shine as you should on your special day. Traditionally blacks and other dark colours are used for a wedding day, but who cares about the traditions? Black bridal gowns are on the rise and the darker palette gives the day an overall sense of elegance and individuality.

Photo Credits: Tashana Klonius Photography and Design Co., Ayelle Photography, Whether it’s the colours, the flowers or style diversity, there are thousands of reasons why you could and should get married in the autumn. If you need a hand planning your special day getting in touch today on 07842829525 or email me at

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