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Weddings Home or Away

If you are newly engaged and beginning the debate between tying the knot in a stunning rural English manor house or thinking about a more exotic sunny location then this blog could give you the clarification you need. Below I have broken down a few of the pros and cons of a UK or a destination wedding.

Destination Weddings Pros

Smaller guest list

In 2020, micro weddings became the latest trend due to circumstances however, this trend is here to stay! If you are planning a destination wedding then you are most likely looking at a smaller guest list of your nearest and dearest, which makes your day such an intimate affair with you being able to spend more quality time with each individual. It also takes away the pressure of inviting guests you feel you have to invite rather than want to invite.

Extended Wedding Celebrations

Your family and friends are going to be arriving a few days before your wedding meaning you can enjoy the lead-up to your day stress-free. A lovely relaxed meal on the beach the night before and a big celebration the day after. You and your guest can make the most of this getaway. It may be that your family stays for longer before you jet off to your honeymoon destination which will allow you to appreciate a well-needed family holiday.


It may come as a shock to many newly engaged brides but destination weddings can be more cost-effective. This is due to venues including full wedding packages, fewer guests, and the beautiful views that come for free! If you are seriously debating a destination wedding it is important to take into consideration the location and travel expenses that come with this.

Destination Wedding Cons

Missing loved ones

I believe one of my bride’s biggest con when debating a destination wedding is will my loved ones be able to attend. Perhaps you have an older family member or a friend who is a workaholic then you may miss them on your big day. However, when planning your wedding years in advance and sending out save the dates you will be able to reduce those who are unable to attend. The problem may still occur closer to the date with unknown circumstances but this is not uncommon with UK weddings either.

Accommodation and travel arrangements

If you are going to want your guests to pay for their travel and accommodation you may find yourself chasing them for payments or ensuring that they have booked on and are 100% attending. This can leave you feeling uneasy and stressed however when you book my full destination wedding service this includes the option for me to organise the best travel options and liaise with their accommodation to ensure they are confirmed and booked on. I will manage full travel spreadsheets, monitor guest’s arrival, and ensure they have a smooth experience so they can enjoy your wedding with you!

Additional expenses

Expenses traveling back and forth for site visits or menu tastings. You may feel you want to visit the venue before confirming your booking and then again in the lead-up to your day. However, with my destination wedding planning service, I can attend site visits and travel to the destination if you are unable to take time off work. My goal is to work with clients who trust me and allow me to relieve the stress from them. Your dreams are at the forefront of my mind so I can advise you whilst being your eyes and ears abroad.

UK Weddings Pros

Larger numbers

If you choose to have your wedding in the UK then you do have the freedom of larger numbers. Most UK Venues range from 100 up to 350+ guests. Before researching and confirming your venue ensure you have a rough idea of your maximum numbers. This will help you when it comes to narrowing down your desired wedding venues.

Evening guests

If you are having a larger wedding then you may decide to split your guests between ceremony/evening and evening only guests. This is a good way to break down those who you wouldn’t want to miss the ceremony and those who you can’t wait to dance and celebrate with! This may include work colleagues, friends from school, and extended family that you haven’t seen for a while. This will allow you to have a more intimate and special ceremony and can also help you keep the cost down on the wedding breakfast numbers.


With UK weddings you have more freedom when it comes to styling suppliers and fun quirky ideas. We are lucky to be surrounded by suppliers who all offer unique and beautiful options for your wedding which will allow you to find your ideal suppliers that can bring your theme to life. I offer styling packages for both weddings and events working with a range of clients of different styles and ideas. I love being creative with my couples and having the freedom to do so.

UK Weddings Cons

The Typical English Weather

I know all hate talking about the weather nearly as much as the big C**** bomb but unfortunately, it has to be mentioned. The UK weather is not reliable and although you can’t 100% know when abroad it is more likely. If you are dreaming of an outdoor wedding then this will be a big factor for you. Both outdoor and marquee weddings can be beautiful in the UK but the weather may challenge you on certain decisions!

Your Guest List

Although, large guest lists may be a pro they could also be seen as a con. You have family members that you haven’t seen in ten years but you feel you should invite or friends with partners that you have never officially met.

I love destination weddings and think the 3-day celebrations are so much fun but I completely understand if you are torn between home or abroad. Only you and your partner can make this decision and in the end, you will of course choose correctly. Whether you are home or abroad you will be celebrating your love for one another and entering your next chapter. If you do require more advice or support when choosing either the UK or destination wedding then please contact me, I offer services for multiple locations and would love to work with you on this beautiful journey!

Lauren xx

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